Monday, January 19, 2015

It's Easy! Speak Freely from Secure Chat that called StealthChat

Laura Poitras' Edward Snowden documentary, CitizenFour, won the award for Best Documentary Feature. It begins with Poitras's narration of one of her first messages from Snowden. He signs it with a pseudonym, CitizenFour.

Revealed the classified NSA documents to journalist, Snowden are the man who broke the veil of secrecy and the NSA's invasion of citizens' privacy. Citizenfour, offers an inside look at the first week of the Snowden leaks.The film's not concerned with breaking news, but we get a new insight into Snowden's state of mind during the leaks and his decision to break with the NSA in such a powerful way.

Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald are among the few who reported fearlessly on controversial topics. it is not easy to making Citizenfour. Communicate by an encrypted e-mail that only Poitras could open(with her private key), being detained, interrogated and placed on a watch list.

While her previous work as a documentary filmmaker has exposed her to danger, working on the NSA disclosures brings a new level of personal risks. A number of apps have come forward to address this security issue with private and secure messaging or calling.

It because instant messaging is more convenient than email, and more secure than SMS text messaging for quick and easy communication — if you have choose the right app.StealthChat, available initially on Android but will launch coming soon to iOS, increases the competition to provide secure communications even further.

So what sets StealthChat apart from the others?

StealthChat uses a unique, simple picture to lock and unlock your screen. With super strong cryptographic protocol for instant messaging conversations and file sharing, StealthChat could become your Private communication system to protect your business and personal privacy.The app incorporates an additional 3-layers of security to make data such as messages, pictures, and even the display impossible to read or be intercepted by others. This means that only the sender and the recipient of a chat session can read the whole content of the conversation. Also No message history or phone book content is kept by us.

With Self-Destructing Messages feature on StealthChat you can take control of your message lifetime. It’s easy to use Secure Messaging for Everybody who care about privacy !

Get your secure communication today! StealthChat available on Play Store and Apple Store (Soon)!
No more worries about eavesdroppers , all all of your communicaton safe with StealthChat – Private Calls and Chats (Previously known as StealthChat)!


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