Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Truly Snoop-Proof Future

Unbreakable Chat– Talk Privately without Worry – Be Free to Express Yourself Forever!!
Since Edward Snowden revealed the extent of government monitoring - and Facebook bought WhatsApp - everyone is now concerned about Privacy and Security. Rockliffe has developed Stealth to address these concerns.  Stealth is the most secure & unbreakable messaging app in the world for Android & iOS (coming soon).

Can You Trust ‘Secure’ Messaging Apps?

According to the New York Times (March, 2014)[1], some secure messaging apps promise much more than others. But can you trust them?As the messaging wars heat up, security is the big differentiator. Typically there is a trade-off between security and ease-of-use.

Stealth – Privacy and Security without Compromise
Stealth was designed to accept no compromises. Stealth delivers the most advanced security and privacy controls, yet is still as easy to use as popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp. Unlike other chat applications, Stealth has been built from the ground up to protect your privacy and your security. Stealth does not save any messages or photos on the server. Stealth does not upload your address book or any other information from your phone to the server.

Stealth incorporates an additional 3-layers of security.  This makes the data, messages, pictures and even the display impossible to read or be intercepted by others. Only the sender and the recipient of a chat session can read the whole content of the conversation. Moreover, users can set their secret and important messages and photos to be deleted after a set time using the “Burn” timer.

Despite this advanced security, Stealth is very easy to use.With the latest patented breakthrough in technology you can experience the most secure messaging application in the world. Stealth makes it possible for you to talk privately without worry, so you can be free to express yourself forever!!!

So, are you still hesitant to express yourself freely?   Whatever you are comfortable saying in private you can now write it down without worries and say with Stealth. Just sit back and relax, Stealth will take care of the rest.  Welcome to the truly snoop-proof future -- Get it on Google Play and prove it by yourself, Stealth will take care for all of your private conversation.  Download Stealth Messenger  -- Unbreakable Chat.

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About Rockliffe
At Rockliffe, we believe that freedom of speech and private communication are the foundations of a successful democracy.  That’s why we have worked very hard to develop Stealth Messenger - the most secure messaging application in the world.
Rockliffe is a privately owned company that is dedicated to building rock solid mobile communication software for service providers, enterprises and consumers.
Based in California's Silicon Valley and with European headquarters in the UK and Asian headquarters in Jakarta, Rockliffe has numerous OEM relationships as well as a strong base of industry-leading strategic partners and technology partners. Rockliffe is a world class expert in mobile email and chat software having delivered four mobile communication products to market.



  1. is messaging app telegram safe and secure enough?
    encrypted messenger

  2. Hai., saya ingin melaporkan beberapa bug yang ditemukan pada versi android kitkat dan lollipop :

    1. aplikasi sering offline jika terlalu lama dalam posisi idle

    2. tombol galeri dan emoticon tidak akurat sehingga butuh dua atau lebih sentuhan agar bisa terbuka

    3. fitur panggilan tidak berfungsi dengan baik pada jaringan 3G, 4G bahkan di jaringan WiFi

    4. sering kembali ke mode sandi teks padahal mode sandi gambar sedang aktif

    5. terakhir, timer pesan sebaiknya berjalan baik di pengirim maupun di penerima dan akan lebih baik lagi jika pada saat waktu burning tercapai pesan terhapus dengan sendirinya

    Salam Hormat, StealthChat User