Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Secure Group Chat with Unlimited Friends using StealthChat

StealthChat is an industrial strength chat application for professionals that value real privacy and security. With advanced end to end encryption, StealthChat ensure that only the sender and recipient have access to the content of the message or phone call.

Focused on the enterprise market and the privacy seeker with these features will surely protect privacy and maintain the confidentiality during communication. Where sharing documents and video files is one of the roadmap for the next release.
What's New?
Encrypted Group Chat
.Consistently to present a security in communication, StealthChat has develop and added the newest features of Encrypted Group Chat offer secure conversation without loopholes.

What makes Group Chat in StealthChat different?
Secure Group Chat.
Messages encrypted using "off-the-record Messaging" (OTR) protocol. Each message is encrypted with a unique key pair AES 128 (Advanced Encryption Standard) resulting in unexpected situations if your network is tapped, the data can not be read. StealthChat implement screenshot-proof that prevent the spreading of the conversation to other parties outside the group members.
Free to add Unlimited members. Enjoy chatting with unlimited friends in a group. Start to create group chats and add participant as many as you want.

Be ready to upgrade StealthChat from your smartphone to take advantage of these new features. Available now on Google Play or App Store.


  1. Hey guys, voice call is completely deaf, at both sides. Caterpillar B15Q Android 4.4.2 and Samsung Galaxy core duo. Anyone experienced it?

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